Thursday, March 29, 2007


Chippy felt like he was chipping to death
"I'm chipping away with every breath"
Lighten up Chippy and jump out of your tube!
And we'll smooth out your chips with some strawberry lube!

Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Group Show - Little Rock!!!! 3/31/07

Fine artist (and fine friend!!!), Eric Freeman, is displaying his recent paintings and photographs, along with the works of
eight other artists, at a group show he's curating in Little Rock, Arkansas. He kindly invited me to submit some works which makes me the only non-Little Rocker in the show. So, it's indeed an honor to send some deep vibes to the deep south!

Below are my submissions. They're all permanent ink on 8.5 " x 11" neutral color, archival paper. You can see them bigger if you click 'em! And the Figurines music video will be looping on the wall there as well!

Eric has a larger exhibition of his paintings beginning next month (April 20 - Sept. 2, 2007) at The Arts & Science Center For Southeast Arkansas in Pine Bluff.

He'll be showing with the glass sculptures from another native Arkansas artist, James Hayes.

These two creators went to elementary school together and have stayed in touch, so it should be a fantastic and friendly show of ripened creativity!

"Life (Male)"

"You Will Never Die"

"Gossip Worms"

"A Mom Again"

"Team Aura #1"
"Team Aura #2"
"Little Smeller"
"Skyless Birds"
"Groom Invasion"
"Dream Protection"
"Slobs Of War"
"Cheerleading The Spirit"

"Back In The Day" - Figurines (Denmark)

The animated music video I created and directed for the Danish rock band Figurines.

Aaron Blecha animated it and we assembled everything at the Animation Workshop in Viborg, Denmark.

The last frame of the animation is the cover drawing I did
for their "Skeleton" CD. I worked backwards from that image to tell the story of
how the character made it to the CD cover!

It's been getting alot of online views and it was just broadcast on Danish
National Television on DR1's "Liga" music program.

The piece has it's own production blog which charts the development and progress of
the project.

Time will tell if it gets accepted to any film/animation festivals I've been applying to.

Have a look: