Monday, November 24, 2014

"Know Thyself" (A Short-Short Story)

This man with a tie, some pens, many chins and some hair did not know himself. He cried up to the sky, "Sweet universe, reveal to me who I really am!"

Suddenly an angel with a tassel of hair, some flaps and some dots appeared.  It hovered just above the man's eyes and calmly declared, "You have always known who you really are but you have forgotten.  I can remind you but you will always be your true self from now on.  You will never be able to return to the person you and others thought you should be.  Are you ready?"

"Oh YES!" exhaled the man. In a flash (and a smokey pop) the angel was gone.  The man looked down and saw he was now wearing different clothes!  Sort of a cloak fastened together below his chin.  He touched his face and head and he was different!  He could feel strips of skin swinging from his head as he moved.  He looked into the mirror to see his real self. He loved what he saw and he felt good and right.