Sunday, January 26, 2014

Gallery Show "Housewife Art" pieces posted!

Click HERE to see all the pieces available at the "Husmorkunst" exhibition of pieces by David Troest and I at the Ram Ind Gallery in Denmark!

The opening was a huge success with a great turn out of good, art loving folks!  We had some sales and a very successful and fun raffle with the lucky winner enjoying a framed piece by David, a framed piece by me and 3 local beers from KONGEBRYG, lovingly hand decorated by David!

The Exquisite Corpse "HEAD" we did sold immediately which was super cool.

We didn't know what the assembled piece would look like until the day of the show when we brought our head halves to the gallery to stick in a frame!  We only knew where we should draw the eyes, nose, mouth and top and bottom of the head.  We were really surprised to see how it turned out!  I've been involved with other Exquisite Corpse projects you can check out here.  It's usually one person doing the head, then others doing the torso and legs.  This was the first "head only" I've done and it was great.

The exhibit is up until Feb. 26, 2014.  Enjoy!!!!

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